Federal State Unitary Enterprise”All-Russian Research Instituteof Mineral Resources.Named after N.M.Fedorovski(FGUP VIMS) is the leading organizationof the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russiaand the Federal Agencyfor Subsoil Usein geology for study ofthe mineral resource base, scientific and methodological workonthe forecast,exploration and evaluation ofuranium deposits as well as rare kinds of ferrous, alloy, non-ferrous and other rare metals and development and improvementof complexmineralogical andanalytical methods for studyof mineral raw materials and technologies for their enrichment and processing.

The Institute acts as the Federal Researchand Methodological Center fortesting and certificationof minerals on behalf ofRussianMinistry of Natural Resources, as well as Interdepartmental Scientific Councilon Analytical(NSAM), mineralogical(NSOMMI) andtechnological (NSOMTI) research methods.

FGUP VIMSprovides organizational support of theCentralCommission of the Federal Agencyfor Subsoil Usefor miningof solid minerals (CCR-RosnedraTPI).

Togetherwith the Department ofGeology of Mineral Deposits of GOU VPO “Russian State Geological Prospecting Universitynamed after Sergo Ordzhonikidze”FGUP VIMS formed aresearch and educational center”Geology, mineralogyand geochemistry.”

The activities of the institute arefocused on developmentof the mineral resourcebase of the country-the basis of itsindustrial, energy, military and economic potentials


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