EMC Mining



EMC mining, Ltd. (Mining engineering, management, consulting) is Design Institute that belongs to the group of companies “M-Group” (Mining engineering group). It specializes in the mining and processing industries and provides wide range of services either for existing mining companies, or for the development of new projects. The company specializes in the development of projects development management for mining companies, design for mining objects, techno-economic study, concepts and development plans as well as independent audit.

The company includes departments like mining-and-geological, processing and metallurgical, of hydro-technical facilities, economic audit and analysis, environmental department, constructional department, engineering networks and systems, process control systems, the general plan, and the other departments.

The group of companies «M-group» includes «PromTrade Mining» company, which specializes in installation works and commissioning for processing companies, in supply of processing equipment, installation works management and plants construction.

It performs design of open pit and underground mines, processing and hydrometallurgical plants and heap leaching equipment, tailing dumps, dry stacking grounds and infrastructural facilities.


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