Metals Focus

Metals Focus is a London based independent precious metals consultancy. The company was set up in early 2013. It is privately owned and its shareholders do not engage in any trading or other direct activity in precious metals, guaranteeing a truly independent and impartial approach to research. We are specialists committed to the precious metals industry and do not cover any other commodities or asset classes. The Metals Focus team has a large range of contacts across the world and we regularly present at international conferences and seminars on precious metals. We are also frequently quoted in the media for our views on the precious metals markets. The quality of Metals Focus’ work is underpinned by a combination of top-quality desk-based research, coupled with an extensive program of travel to generate ’bottom up’ research for our forecasting reports and consultancy services. Our analysts regularly travel to the major markets speaking to contacts from across the value chain from producers to end-users, to obtain first hand and unique information for our reports.