The 12th annual mining industry forum MINEX Russia 2016 opened today

Today saw the opening of the 12th annual mining and exploration forum MINEX Russia-2016. The key theme of the forum this year is “«Russian mining industry – new sources of growth».  Subsoil users, government officials, experts, and service company representatives will spend two days discussing the most pressing issues in the industry.

Heads of many key gold mining companies and junior miners, heads of mining authorities of Russia and Kazakhstan, directors of consulting and service companies and industrial unions will be present at the conference. The number of attendees that increased since last year signify positive changes in the industry.

Important changes are taking place in Eastern Siberia and Far East regions. Here, federal and regional authorities and subsoil users are actively looking for opportunities to develop mining projects, which will drive the socio-economic development in the region.

As tradition dictates, MINEX Russia will once again host the round table discussions between the federal Agency for Subsoil Use, represented by the deputy minister, Mr. Evgeniy Kiselev and the subsoil users.

An important innovation of the forum is the industry study “Sources of growth in the Russian mining sector”.  Forum participants will vote which segments of the industry see most changes and what factors impact its current state.

MeYou will be providing a special social network for live online interaction at the forum. Using their phones and tablets, forum participants will be able to arrange meetings, ask speakers questions, view photos from the forum and take part in voting on important issues, with the voting results shown live before every session.

Forum participants will hear a talk by the founders of Petrapavlovsk about their profession careers, business and realities of the Russian gold mining industry.

The results of each session will be immortalised in a symbolic graphic image created using the scribing technology.

The forum will close with the traditional awards ceremony “Russian Mining Excellence Award” which is hosted at the forum for the jubilee 10th time. The forum will also host the 5th annual amateur photo competition “Minex and Miners of Russia” and a special “Mining industry legend” award will be presented to.