Finalists and the winners of the 10th Russian Mining Excellence Awards

Finalists and the winners of the 10th Russian Mining Excellence Award were presented at the Gala dinner on 6 October 2016. The contest for mining companies and their leadership is hosted at the forum every year and makes an important contribution to promoting best achievements and practices in Russia mining.Finalists and the winners of the 10th Russian Mining Excellence Awards


Explorer of the Year

Explorer of the Year – Polymetal International

Polymetal International won the Explorer Of The Year nomination with their Viksha project (9,5 million ounces of palladium).

Notable finalists in the nomination were Highland Gold with their Kekura project (2.7 million ounces of gold).

Mining Project of the Year

Mining Project of the Year – Gold of Kamchatka

The nomination Mining Project of the Year has been contested between the gold factory at the Ryabinovoye deposit in Yakutia currently being built by the Seligdar PJSC and Zoloto Kamchatki JSC with their Ametistovoe processing plant aimed to produce 4 tons of gold a year.

Gold of Kamchatka emerged as the winner in the nomination.

Investor of the Year

Investor of the Year – Norilsk Nickel

The final at the Investor of the Year nomination saw Seligdar’s Ryabinovskoye mill compete with Polymetal International Plc with who produced their first gold at the Svetloye deposit 9 months ahead of schedule.

The third finalist the Bystrinsky processing plant built in Chita by Norilsk Nickel ended up winning the nomination.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development project of the year – Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company

The Sustainable development project of the year award has been a contest between Sibenergougol who created a monument of nature at the Kostenki cliffs, Polymetal International Plc with their charity photography competition that helped raise money for a girl who was diagnosed with epidermolysis bullosa and Kinross Gold Corporation who organized an ecology monitoring training program at their Kupol and Dvojnoj mines. Last but not least, Kuzbasskaya Toplivnaya Company, who adapted the practice of transferring their land to the Karakansky nature reserve to preserve biodiversity which won them the trophy in the nomination.

HR Project

HR Project of the Year – SUEK

The HR Project of the Year award was taken home by the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK) who developed the Mining School summer camp and youth learning program. Other finalists in the nomination were Polymetal International Plc who implemented a geological and management skills remote training program and Kinross Gold Corporation, who launched the Executive Director School training program for managers.

Technology of the Year

Technology of the Year – Norilsk Nickel, OOO “Summa technology” and UralTehIs

In the nomination Technology Of The Year, the final saw Polymetal International Plc who developed a Unitarian corporate risk management system based on geomechanical modelling  compete with Kinross Gold Corporation who came up with an innovative tail filtration system. The winners in the nomination were Norilsk Nickel, OOO “Summa technology” and UralTehIs (who were nominated together as part of one project) who used innovative industry 4.0 location systems to solve logistical challenges.

Mining Legend

Mining Legend – Mikhail Shumilin

Mikhail Shumilin, doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, professor)was named the winner in the “Mining Legend ” category for his scientific achievements -in the field of uranium geology .