Poster pminex_day3-122resentation = £ 300 GBP

Poster boards will be organised alongside exhibition on 5 and 6 October where delegates will be able present their projects and discuss them with other delegates and exhibition visitors. Fee includes poster board hire (1 m width x 2 m height) in the Poster display area; 30% discount for purchasing admission ticket to the Forum and Master classes.


Inserts in the delegate bags =  £ 600 GBP *

Inserts must be provided by advertiser before 30 September 2016


minex_day2-130Advertising in the Forum catalogue

Full page color (CMYK) advertisement in “MINEX Russia” Catalogue =  £ 550 GBP
Full page greyscale advertisement in “MINEX Russia” Catalogue =  £ 400 GBP
Half page color (CMYK) advertisement in “MINEX Russia” Catalogue =  £ 350 GBP
Half page greyscale advertisement in “MINEX Russia” Catalogue  = £ 250 GBP

minex_day2-123Advertising on the Forum website and Social network

Promo banner (Gif or JPEG; 190 x 190 pixels ; 72 dpi + URL hyperlink) on “MINEX Russia” website or Social Network = £300 GBP
Advertising in MINEX electronic publication (files should be submitted in pdf format/ up to 50 Megabyte) = £300 GBP
Advertising company logo and profile (with URL hyperlink) on “MINEX Russia” website or Social Network  = £300 GBP

Booking terms

 * Technical requirements for delegate bag inserts: 

For promotional flyers: size – A5 or A4, up to 10 pages, up to 150 g/m2, Quantity: 500

For gifts: weight max 300 gm; dimensions: max 3 cm thick, max 30 cm long, max  20 cm wide Quantity: 500.

Submission deadline for inserts to organisers in Moscow: 30 September 2016  

Booking confirmation and invoice: You will receive acknowledgement of your booking and invoice within 48 hours of sending your form.

Please call us on tel + 44 (0) 207 520 9341 in case you do not receive confirmation within stated period.

Payment: Payments must be received in full before 15 September 2016. UK VAT is not applied to payments made to the UK account. Payments made to the account in Russia will be subject to Russian VAT, Bank commission charges and Exchange rates. All credit card payments are subject to 3% charge. AMEX card payments are not accepted.

Cancellations: if received in writing before 15 September 2016 will be subject to administration charge of 100 GBP. Full fees are payable in the event of cancellation after 15 September 2016.

Booking form

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