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Forum Speakers

  • img01
    Grigory Mashkovtsev
    "All-Russian Research Institute of Mineral Resources" (VIMS)
  • img02
    Mikhail Sapozhnikov
    "Diamant" LLC
  • img03
    Gennady Sarychev
    "Science and Innovation" JSC
  • img04
    Antonio Menghini
    Aarhus Geophysics
  • img05
    Vladislav Kaminski
    Aarhus geophysics
  • img06
    Rostislav Bilik
    AGR Software LLC
  • img07
    Mark Chesher
    AMC Consultants
  • img08
    Vadim Louchnikov
    AMC Consultants Pty Ltd
  • img09
    Yevgeniy Antonov
    AMC Consultants Pty Ltd
  • img010
    Brian Hall
    AMC Consultants Pty Ltd
  • img011
    Kate Sommerville
    AMC Consultants Pty Ltd
  • img012
    Randolph Lewis
    Amur Minerals Corp
  • img013
    Mikhail Kagan
    Apatity Mining Institute
  • img014
    Igor Solodov
    ARMZ Uranium Holding Co. (JSC Atomredmetzoloto)
  • img015
    Vsevolod Shulyakovskiy
  • img016
    Roman Goryunov
    Association "NP RTS"
  • img017
    Nikolay Matyash
    Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
  • img018
    Shengbin Wang
    China Gold Association
  • img019
    Dr. Andrey Minkin
    Continental ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group (CBG)
  • img020
    Thomas Neumann
    ContiTech Transportbandsysteme GmbH
  • img021
    Evgeny Tulubensky
    Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Nordgold
  • img022
    Alexander Makarov
    Corporation Kazakhmys
  • img023
    Maxim Seredkin
    CSA Global Pty Ltd.
  • img024
    Roman Kolesinskiy
  • img025
    Thomas Imgrund
    DMT GmbH & Co KG
  • img026
    Alexey Shalashinski
    DMT GmbH & Co KG
  • img027
    Artem Romanchenko
    EMC Mining
  • img028
    Alexander Gareev
    Eurasian Development Bank
  • img029
    Boris Yatsenko
  • img030
    Alexei Kuznetsov
  • img031
    Dmitry Kovalev
  • img032
    Alexei Chekunkov
    Far East Development Fund
  • img033
    Yaroslav Kichalo
    Federal Agency for Subsoil Use - Rosnedra
  • img034
    Igor Shpurov
    Federal Budget Organisation “State Commission on Mineral Resources”
  • img035
    Barbora Velickova
    Ferrit Ltd
  • img036
    Alexey Kravchenko
  • img037
    Aleksandr Bobrov
    GeoJet Exploration
  • img038
    Nikolay Belykh
    GeoSolutions (OGK-Group)
  • img039
    Alexander Prikhodko
    Geotech Ltd.
  • img040
    Paul Voigt
    Glencore Technology
  • img041
    Pavel Babayants
    GNPP "Aerogeophysica"
  • img042
    Victor Radko
    Gold of Kamchatka
  • img043
    Vladimir Pecheny
    Government of the Magadan Region (to be confirmed)
  • img044
    Peter Lawrence
  • img045
    Sergey Vasilyev
    GV Gold, PJSC
  • img046
    Denis Alexandrov
    Highland Gold Mining
  • img047
    Yury Frolov
    Highland Gold Mining
  • img048
    Yevgeniy Dolgalev
  • img049
    Aleksander Tolstov
  • img050
    Andrey Tverdov
    IMC Montan
  • img051
    Aleksey Dvornikov
    IMC Montan
  • img052
    Nikolay Samsonov
    Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering
  • img053
    Nina Voiloshnikova
  • img054
    Aleksandr Krutko
  • img055
    Vasily Makarov
    JSC "Pavlik Gold"
  • img056
    Oleg Kazanov
    JSC Central Kola Expedition
  • img057
    Konstantin Kazakov
    JSC VNIPIpromtechnologii
  • img058
    Lou Naumovski
    Kinross Gold Corporation
  • img059
    Nina Goulis
  • img060
    Rodion Sokrovishchuk
    LLC "RT - Global Resources"
  • img061
    Elena Patimova
    London Metal Exchange
  • img062
    Sergey Reznik
  • img063
    Olga Almendinger
  • img064
    Gauthier Canart
  • img065
    Andrey Panzhin
    Mining Institute, Urals Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • img066
    Timur Toktabaev
    Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • img067
    Evgeniy Kiselev
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
  • img068
    Dmitry Sizov
  • img069
    Oleg Maksimov
  • img070
    Yulia Zakharova
    Nordgold Management LLC
  • img071
    Levon Kocharyan
    Norton Rose Fulbright (Central Europe) LLP
  • img072
    Dinara Dorizo
    Norton Rose Fulbright (Central Europe) LLP
  • img073
    Peter Myers
    Pavlik Gold
  • img074
    Peter Hambro
    Petropavlovsk PLC
  • img075
    Pavel Maslovskiy
    Petropavlovsk PLC
  • img076
    Vitaly Nesis
    Polymetal International Plc
  • img077
    Sergei Ostapchuk
    Polymetal International plc
  • img078
    Ivan Osadchiy
  • img079
    Ruslan Baimishev
    RGI "RCGI Kazgeoinform"
  • img080
    Denis Nikishin
  • img081
    Igor Demidov
    Rostec-Business Development
  • img082
    Mikhail Leskov
    Russian Society of Experts for Sub-soil Use/OERN
  • img083
    Gennady Alekseev
    Sakha (Yakutia) Republic Development Corporation, JSC
  • img084
    Björn Winblad
  • img085
    Viktor Spirin
    SRK Consulting
  • img086
    Robin Simpson
    SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd
  • img087
    David Pearce
    SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd.
  • img088
    Ivan Livinskiy
    SRK Consulting (Russia) Ltd.
  • img089
    Victor Zhirinas
    Summa Technologiy
  • img090
    Sergey Kashuba
    The Russian Union of Gold Producers
  • img091
    Diana Asonova
    Thomson Reuters/ RMET
  • img092
    Alexei Mojarov
    United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  • img093
    Evgeny Kuzmin
  • img094
    Phil Newall
    Wardell Armstrong International
  • img095
    Julia Boiko
    Wardell Armstrong Russia and Kazakhstan
  • img097
    Olesya Lipich
  • img096
    John Mulligan
    World Gold Council
  • img06
    Rostislav Bilik
    AGR Software LLC
  • img07
    Mark Chesher
    AMC Consultants
  • img08
    Vadim Louchnikov
    AMC Consultants Pty Ltd

About MINEX Russia Forum

Delegates-300The 12th International Mining and Exploration Forum – MINEX Russia 2016 will be held in Moscow on 4 – 6 October 2016.

The Forum is held in Russia since 2005 and considered as one of the most important and authoritative events on Mining and Exploration in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

Organised ‘under the main theme “Russian mining industry – new sources of growth” MINEX Russia 2016 Forum will provide an industry-wide discussion on Russia’s mining industry growth scenarios and its ability to renew mineral resource base, develop infrastructure, train personnel and introduce more efficient solutions to reduce the costs and improve efficiency.

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Delegate registrationPre-registration is required for the delegates interested in taking part in the Master Classes, the Forum sessions, Networking drinks and Awards Gala Dinner. Registration ends on 30 September 2016.

Review ratesRegister delegate 


Master classes

Master classesContiTech, SRK Consulting, Navgecom, GrounProbe, Maptek, IMC Montan, DMT and Nordgold will hold on 4 October Master Classes aimed at mine operational directors and managers.

Review agenda and Register to attend


ForumOver 70 national and international companies and experts are expected to present their views on current practices, projects, investments, strategies technologies and regulatory developments.

Review agenda and Register to attend


minex_day2-167Mining Trade and Investment Exhibition will be held on 5-6 October alongside the Forum. Pre-book meetings with exhibitors and apply for free visitor pass for presentations organised at the Business Podium sessions.

Exhibitor list / Visitor pass

Business Podiums

minex_day2-21Ferrit, ArtGeo, VNIPIpromtechnologii, Datamine, Aarhus geophysics, GEFCO, Heliports of Russia, Putzmeister, Diamant will hold presentations at the Business Podiums on 5 October. Pre-register to gain free admission to the Business Podiums

Review agenda and Register to attend


Investment projects

minex_day2-82Companies or Entrepreneurs are invited to present greenfield and brownfield investment projects to a panel of professional investors and mining financiers at the Investment podium sessions organised on 5-6 October.

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Mining Awards

minex_day3-162Don’t miss out a chance to be recognised for your hard work! Take part in the 10th Russian Mining Excellence Awards. The winners will be presented at the Gala dinner on 6 October.

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Photo awards

minex_day3-195Miners and Mines of Russia – the 5th amateur photo competition is held alongside the Forum. The cut-off date for submitting photos – 12 September 2016. The winners will be presented at the Gala dinner on 6 October.

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