September 30, 2015

ПеченыйOn September 7th the head of Magadanskaya region Vladimir Pechyony will be speaking at the 11 th MINEX Russia Forum 2015. The forum will be held on October 6-8th, 2015 in Moscow.

According to the preliminary information, Mr. Pechyony will present the major projects that are having multiplicative effect. These include the Yano-Kolymskaya gold province development and the coal cluster project in the Omsukchanskiy coal basin.

Recently the Magadanskaya region authorities have outlined the three main directions of mining development, these include:

         Further developments in the gold industry based on the middle to large gold and silver deposits that are being developed up to production. With a paralleled production for placer gold deposits at constant rate of 11-13%.

         Extraction and processing of fossil fuels (oil, gas, lignite, lignum fossil).

         Ferrous, non-ferrous metal deposits (copper, molybdenum, tungsten, tin, zinc, lead) and non-metal deposits (zeolite, lava ash, lime hydrous sulphate, mineral water) developments.

Along with Mr. Pechyony, Vladimir Mitkin the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Magadanskaya region will be attending the forum.

During MINEX Russia 2015 the mining companies; Pavlik, Polymetal International, Polyus Gold will be presenting their operations in the Magadanskaya region.  Delegates from the Magadanskaya region will also have the opportunity to meet with gold mining company directors operating in the region.

Vladimir Pechyony’s report is remarkable regarding the Russian authorities’ strategy to develop The Russian East.  It delivers the message that in order to establish state investment funds and achieve economic growth in the Russian East, energy and transport infrastructure must be improved.

“This is the first time when the governor of such an important mining region has agreed to speak at MINEX Russia. Doubtless, Mr. Pechyony’s participation will make discussion regarding Russian mining development more substantial and will close boundaries between authorities and businesses” – Arthur Polyakov, MINEX forum co-founder commented.