Last year we celebrated the MINEX Russia 10th anniversary. As a follow-up we have received many interesting suggestions and comments regarding the need for update of both the format and content of the Forum. We have taken into account these recommendations and are planning to implement them at the forthcoming Forum in October. In the past several years the Forum was preaching the ideas for Russia’s industry’s modernisation and efficiency improvement. Hence our decision to upgrade is a natural step in the same direction.
What we are hoping to achieve?

– We want to improve the quality of the presentations and enhance the opportunities for more efficient interaction between experts (speakers) and participants.

– We want to make the Forum’s sessions interesting and engaging, so attendees would think hard before leaving the room (to take a phone call or have a cigarette break).

– We want to maintain the cutting edge in selecting agenda content while further extending the Forum’s onsite and internet audience.

– We want to use the Forum’s platform for bringing together experts and state representatives in order address technical and regulatory issues which impede further modernisation or optimisation of the mining industry in Russia.

We want to improve the quality of the presentations and enhance the opportunities for more efficient interaction between experts (speakers) and participants.

Why do we do it?

Many participants commented that the Forum agenda is overpowered by a large number of slide presentations leaving little or no time for discussions.  Some presenters exceed allocated time for their presentation which isunfair for those who are presenting after them. Delegates attending all sessions struggle to concentrate. This is especially critical for so called grave-yard after lunch or before dinner sessions.

What changes do we propose?

  • We want to remove head table and allocate for each presenter/ panellist a small table with the microphone. This change will make a visual impact on the audience who will instantly recognise the new format of the Forum.
  • We want to allow not more than four slide presentations per 1.5 hour session allowing at least 30 minutes for questions from the floor, panel discussions, one-on-one interviews, organisation of the instant polls, etc.
  • We want to introduce different type of expert presentations / ways of participation in the Forum by creating greater mix of options:

Option 1:
Slide presentation (up to 20 minutes) with an option for participating in the panel discussion part.

Option 2:
Participation in the panel discussion without slide presentation.

Option 3:
Panellists who were not given an opportunity to present slides during the session, can include them in the Forum handouts (on a laser disc), publish slides on MINEX.Club internet information blog created alongside the Forum. Slides can also be presented at the “Technical presentations” sessions which we propose to add in additional to the “Business podium” sessions.

Option 4:
Participation in the session as moderator. The tasks for the moderator will increase and include the following:

Task 1
. Preparation of the session “scenario” and “rehearsal” with the session panellists and presenters. NB. Speakers’ room will be allocated for holding physical meeting with the panellists ahead of the session.

Task 2. Preparation of short description of the session to be published in the agenda and to be used in the short video introduction at the start of the session.

Task 3. Forward looking statement /comments and short introduction of the panel and presenters.

Task 4. Leading the discussion, managing questions from the audience. Conducting polls during the session.

Task 5. Preparing short summary of the session and presenting session outcome or resolution at the closing session of the Forum.

Task 6. Moderator will be invited to continue moderating the theme / topics addressed at the session via MINEX.Club blog.

We want to make the Forum’s sessions interesting and exciting, so attendees would think hard before leaving the room.

What do we propose to change?

  • We want to ensure that the Forum’s sessions address “hot” issues and provide interactive format for their discussion. Please refer to point 3 below and proposed agenda (agenda).
  • We want to introduce new session formats making them interactive and media-look-like. Sessions could be structured differently offering variety of choices for presenters and audience.

Here are few examples of how the sessions could be structured (we can of course offer tailored solutions for each session).

Example 1

“Technical session”

In the past technical session would address a focused technical issue, e.g. “Integrated approaches to mine planning and optimisation”.  Typical session would last about 90 minutes and would have between 5 and 8 slide presentations allowing little or no time for questions.

What do we propose?

We could have up to four slide presentations and have up to 7 people and moderator on stage. The session would start with a pre-recorded short video or slide presentation (with voice over, images, movie clips). The first speaker will present for 15-20 minutes using slides and introducing one of the technical challenges to be addressed at the session. After presentation, moderator will ask experts to comment on the presentation and / or present their views or experiences on the addressed issue. After taking answers from the panel  moderator will then allow questions from the audience. If the aim of presentation is to initiate debate or brainstorming, moderator could ask audience to answer one or several prepared beforehand questions and record received answers. To facilitate the poll and make it easier for moderator, we have designed a Wi-Fi polling system which participants could access via their mobile phones or tablets (there’s no need for internet connection).

We would allow 15 to 20 minutes for the interactive part. Once the issue has been discussed, moderator would move on to the next topic allowing another slide presentation to be followed by another panel discussion and interaction with the audience.  At the end of the session, moderator would provide summary of the session and invite participants to continue the exchange after the Forum via the MINEX.Club internet blog.

Example 2

“Plenary session”

Plenary sessions are held in the largest meeting room. No other break-out sessions are held alongside the plenary sessions. This makes Plenary sessions the key events in the agenda. Topics for plenary sessions must be chosen carefully to ensure they concern most of the Forum participants.  In the past plenary sessions were organised in a similar fashion to the Technical session.  Questions at the end of plenary sessions are rarely asked or allowed.

What do we propose?

The format of a plenary session could be similar to the format of a “Technical session” described above. However, there would be variations depending on the theme or type of participants.

For instance. Plenary session “Mining leaders” could consist of two parts.

Part one would include presentations by the leaders of the companies (speaking one after another).  Part two could have the following variations.

  • One – on – one interview with moderator on stage (in case other presenters prefer to avoid unforeseen questions from the floor)
  • Panel discussion led by moderator (the theme and questions must be pre-agreed)
  • Gloves-off debates / Sparring sessions – Moderator could invite up to 4 participants whose opinion on a specific subject would vary or be totally opposite. Each participant would be given short time (e.g. 1 minute) to answer in turn questions asked by a moderator. After all opinions have been heard, the audience would be invited to vote. As an option, experts who earned the highest score at the end of the session would be awarded the “championship” title.

As mentioned earlier, sessions could be structured differently and include or exclude multi-media-elements.

We want to maintain the cutting edge in selecting agenda content while further extending the Forum’s onsite and internet audience.

What do we propose to change?

–              As far as content and theme of the Forum this year are concerned, we decided to shift the focus from the “downturn is a new norm” theme (they were the key in our past Forums 2014 and 2013) and look into areas of potential diversification, underexploited potentials and platforms for accelerated growth (in the coming times when the markets would eventually move in favour of mining industry). For proposed themes please see attached draft agenda.

–              In ten years we have accumulated over 1000 presentations related to mining in Russia and Central Asia.  To further extend the Forum’s reach we decided to create the MINEX.Club blog which for the time being will be maintain in the “open source” format. The blog will be launched at the end of this month and will offer expert additional platform before and after the Forum for publicising the articles or presentations and engaging with MINEX subscribers (currently MINEX news are received by over 30 000 people globally). The authors whose articles provoked most interesting discussions and collected largest numbers of “likes” will be invited to share their views with the Forum audience. (Unlike LindkedIn, MINEX.Club will have both virtual and physical platforms making it more focused).

  • Further venue for growing Forum’s audience could come from Associated events. They will be organised by our partners alongside the Forum or Exhibition.

Successful examples of associated events regularly held during MINEX Russia Forum are:

  • Micromine Russia users conference
  • Subsoil users meeting with the management of Rosnedra
  • Helicopter after-show hosted by Sever transport company

The hotel venue where the Forum is held can accommodate up to three associated events at the time (providing their theme and audience of the associated events differ from the main Forum).

We want to use the Forum’s platform for bringing together experts and state representatives in order address technical and regulatory issues which impede further modernisation or optimisation of the mining industry in Russia.

MINEX is playing active role in promoting dialogue between miners, investors and state officials  by supporting initiatives for Russia joining CRIRSCO, hosting meeting with Rosnedra and organising official events at China Mining show. There are some technical challenging areas where MINEX format would stimulate timely discussion for change as gap between modern technologies and outdated regulations is widening.