September 30, 2015

Cuba готовоDelegates from the Ministry of Energy and Mining in the Republic of Cuba will visit Moscow to discuss opportunities for joint partnerships with Russian mining companies. The visit has been organised by the Embassy of Cuba in Russian Federation and Federal Subsoil Agency. At MINEX Russia 2015 the representatives will present Cuban mining projects that may be interest for international cooperation.

Since the 1960s Cuba has established a relationship with Russia in the mining industry. This corporation of Soviet geologists and Cuban experts led to the development of a tectonic map of the Island of Cuba in 1966, which was followed in 1967 by the book “Geology and mineral resources of Cuba (tectonics, lateritic soil, copper deposits).”  Since then and through the 1980s, Soviet geologists have discovered oil, nickel, base metals and manganese deposits across Cuba.

Last year experts from the Zarubezhgeologiya collaborated with Rosgeologia last year to continue to successfully explore Cuban subsoil. Russian oil companies are involved with the in the development of large oil deposits in the exclusive economic zone (EZZ), the Gulf of Mexico.

Russia contacts with Cuba are maintained at the highest political level. On 28th of September the Russian president Vladimir Putin met with the Cuba’s leader Raul Castro after speaking at the 70th General Assembly of the UN.

MINEX Russia 2015 with have the attendance of:

Osvaldo Prieto Herrera, director on business supervising, Geominera S.A.

Lino Chaviano Rodríguez, principal specialist for nickel, Ministry of Energy and Mining

Roberto Rodario Rodríguez, chief geologist of mining company in Camaguey province, geologist in multicorporate enterprise Salinero.

“We are very glad to see guests from Cuba. This visit obviously shows that MINEX Russia is able to downplay any distances doing dialogs and cooperation as the main tools of mining development” – the co-founder of MINEX forum Arthur Polyakov commented.

The Cuban delegation will participate in the exhibition showing their projects to MINEX Forum members.