September, 28, 2015

Master class in “Geological data compilation acquired for successful defence in the National Reserves Committee (GKZ)” will begin on the first day of the 11th Mining Forum MINEX Russia 2015– 6th October.

IMC-LOGO-150x150The workshop is sponsored by IMC Montan.

Participants of the event will learn of the widespread errors that are made by mining companies, how to produce profitable reports for GKZ and the GKZ requirements for a successful and time efficient submission.
GKZ’s representatives and IMC Montan’s experts will outline the methods to guard your report from mistakes and how to prepare geological data according to the GKZ and international auditor’s standards.



Andrey Tverdov, Technical Director, IMC Montan, PhD, Industrial Safety Expert Certified by Rostekhnadzor, GKZ expert, IMC Montan

Konstantin Khodorovich, Head of the Natural Resources Monitoring Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, GKZ expert

Vyacheslav Budrik, Head of the metals department of GKZ

Alexey Zhura, Head of mining project economic valuation, IMC Montan, PhD, GKZ expert

Denis Tibilov, Head of the department of the Moscow Mining Academy, Doctor of Economics, GKZ expert, IMC Montan associate, National University of Science and Technology «MISiS»

Pavel Kushnarev, Head of Geological Modeling & Reserves Estimation Department, GKZ expert, NAEN Competent Person, IMC Montan


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