Step 1

Identification of key trends and topics for discussion at the Forum by collecting relevant articles and comments from market participants.

Step 2

Evaluation of the materials  and publication of selected articles in Russian Mining blog managed by the Forum organising committee. Organization of pre–Forum internet discussion.

Step 3

Analysis of collected materials and comments. Forming the basis of the forum program.

Step 4

Presentation of the materials which have received highest ratings at the Forum and organising follow up discussions. Preparing summary and conclusions.

Step 5

Publication of the Forum materials and conclusions. Disseminating the results via mass media and other information resources.

Step 6

Provision of the basis of continued discussion and exchange Russian Mining blog and MINEX Russian Mining Club meetings organized throughout the year in the period between the Forums.

Step 7

Organisation of the participation of representatives of the Forum’s  working groups with representatives of legislative and executive authorities to discuss the findings and proposals of the Forum