We are delighted to invite professionals working in the Russian mining industry, to take part in the 11th  Mining and Exploration Forum – MINEX Russia 2015

The Forum will be held in Moscow from 6-8 October 2015

MinexRUS-13-D2-134-2This year, this premier meeting of the Russian mining industry is organised on the backdrop of the strategic rethinking of the country’s economic priorities and emerging role of mining industry as potential backbone of accelerated development of the mineral-rich areas in the Far East and Siberia.

Russia is deeply integrated into the global production, trade and investment. In the current situation of uncertainty and overhaul of the global geopolitical and economic priorities, the medium-term objective is getting the Russia’s economic development back to the pre-crisis levels. However the main challenge faced by the authorities and businesses alike remains the realisation of the internal potentials which could provide basis for sustainable and accelerated growth. One of the underrated and not fully understood economic potentials is Russia’s mineral and metals base.

With the continuing global growth of living standards and the urban population, the development of infrastructure projects and creation of new technologies, the role of metals and minerals will be vital in the international economic development in the 21st century.

Russia is generously endowed with human and natural resources. The main issue – to ensure their effective use. Over the last 25-30 years after the replacement of the Soviet planning system with the market conditions, the Russian mining industry managed to turn into commercial success many projects which were previously considered uneconomic and abandoned. These achievements were possible not because of the state support but thanks to the implementation of the new approaches and creative thinking by the managers and investors.

As Russia is swiftly moving into “modernisation mode” the Forum organisers are inviting mining professionals to discuss the potentials for industry’s recovery and accelerated growth.


Forum attendees

Who is invited attend the Forum?

Heads of mining and metals companies Government and state representatives
Representatives of legislative bodies Legal, financial and management advisers
Mining engineers and geologists Mining technologies and equipment producers
Domestic and foreign investors Mining financiers
Leading practitioners and academics Specialist construction companies

Forum themes

Main themes proposed for discussion

State strategies and priorities in the development of mining industry in Russia. Prospects for accelerated growth of Russia’s mining industry in the context of sate-led economic reforms.
Prospects for major infrastructure programs and long-term investment partnerships in Russia’s mining sector. New Government support measures for the Russian mining industry.
 Import substitution state programs and development of local content in the mining industry.  Current state of subsoil use regulation – new approaches and modernisation prospects.
 Evolution of Russian mining technical and evaluation standards – prospects for further upgrade.  How is Russian mining business adapting to changing economic and geopolitical conditions?
 The role of the mining industry in creating “Accelerated Development Territories” in Russia’s Far East.  The consequences of “currency jumps” to Russia’s mining industry.
 Optimisation and efficiency improvement of mining production.  Managing mine development risks in current conditions.
 Economic Management of the life cycle of a mining project – from opening to closing.  The discovery and development of new mines in Russia – current practices and challenges.
 Mine modernisation and technological upgrade.  Mining investment opportunities in Russia and abroad.
 Implementation of social partnership principles in Russia’s mining industry.  Implementation of new technologies and production methods in the Russian mining industry.
 New trends and technologies in the mining, processing and production of mineral resources production.  Prospects and problems of improving mining efficiency and safety in Russia

Forum platforms

Forum presentation and business development platforms

  • Plenary and technical sessions provide platform for key note addresses, business and technical polemic presentations.
  • Round tables and panel discussions provide an opportunity for the organization of debates and exchange of views.
  • Master classes and workshops stimulate professional development of mine specialists and provide platform for presentation of advanced technical and business solutions.
  • Business podiums organised alongside the Trade Exhibition provide platform for corporate and promotional presentations.
  • In addition to the business-focused events the Forum contributes to the promotion of best mining practices and highlights the social standing of the mining industry. Regular events organised alongside the Forum are the annual amateur photography contest “Russia’s Mines and Miners” and the international competition “The Russian Mining Excellence Award”.
  • At the trade show, organised in the framework of the forum, Russian and International companies demonstrate advanced technologies and showcase mining investment projects.
  • Created in the framework of the Forum the “Russian mining blog” provides a new multimedia and multilingual platform.
  • Some organisations take advantage of the fact that the Russian mining elite representatives are gathered in Moscow and use this opportunity to hold onsite open or closed associated meetings.
  • Business lunches, cocktail receptions and gala dinner create favorable conditions for informal communication and networking.

Conact organisers

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