Technical Session "Improving the efficiency and quality of exploration" will be held on October 9 in the Main Conference Hall of of the Radisson Slavyanskaya hotel. The session will be moderated by Mikhail Tsypukov, SRK Exploration Services, Principal Geologist.

Mikhail Tsypukov, Principal Geologist, SRK Exploration Services, will make a presentation "The Discovery of Mineral Deposits in the XXI Century – Tracking Successful Practices". The presentation will consider successful exploration practices and countries associated with the discovery of mineral deposits in the last 10 years, as well as current approaches leading to new discoveries.

Elena Nikitenko, Chief of Sample Preparation, Matrosov Mine, Polyus Gold Company, will tell about "Improving the efficiency and quality of the exploration of objects with low-grade gold on the example of the Natalka deposit". For calculation of stocks and estimations of economic efficiency gold objects at prospecting works serve as a basis the given definitions of con-tents of gold in prospecting sample. Therefore, delimitation depends on quality and reliability of results of the analysis of sample mineralization and geometrization of bowels at calculation of stocks of gold. Definition of contours industrial mineralization according to approbation is the most actual for the objects which are not having precise geological borders. Improvement of quality and reliability of definition of contents of gold in sample probably due to new methods. One of them is preparation of sample to fire assay with preliminary gravitational concentration gold.The way is realized on Natalka deposit, which is characterized by low contents of gold. Mikhail EvtushenkoDirector, STC "Magnetic fluid", will follow the previous presentation.

Alexander Prikhodko, Manager of Data Interpretation, Geotech Ltd., Canada, will tell about "Modern airborne geophysical electromagnetic technologies for exploration".

Pavel Babayants, Chief Geophysist, Aerogeophysica Inc, will make a report "Application of modern airborne geophysical technologies for improving forecasting and exploration works".

Vyacheslav Skirda, Chief Geologist Tardan Gold, Auriant Mining, will make a presentation "Increase of Tardan resources as a result of valuation of new Tardan ore field deposits". 

Andrey Tarasov, First Deputy Director, CJSC "MC "Petropavlovsk", will tell about "Identifying and developing new exploration targets in Russia's Far East – Petropavlovsk experience".

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