Russian visa support

Visa support

(offered by Reisebuero WELT only  in conjunction with the hotel reservation

Russian visas are issued by Russian consulates in your home country, based on an invitation from an authorized Russian agent.

Reisebuero WELT Company is officially registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as a legal entity able to grant visa support. The company is empowered to engage in providing an invitation (Foreign Tourist Reception Confirmation and Tourist Voucher), which should be presented to Russian consulates in order to obtain a Russian tourist visa. The company provides tourist visa support documents free of charge.

To obtain visa support for Tourist visa, please upload a photcopy of guest's passport when making a hotel reservation with Reisebuero WELT via online reservation system

For further information about visa support please contact: 

Reisebuero WELT

Ms. Yana Kozhanova


Tel.: +7 495 933 7878, ext.212

Fax: +7 495 933 7877 


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