Yuri Fedorov

The Director of the X-ray Radiometric Separation Technology Center, Irgiredmet

Yuri Olimpovich Fedorov is a candidate of engineering sciences and one of the researchers, who developed a highly efficient method of X-ray radiometric ore separation (XRS). Yuri Fedorov is the author of more than 100 scientific works, including monographs, patents, certificates of authorship and scientific articles. His Ph.D. thesis (1982) covers the research of the X-ray radiometric dressing technology of sulphide and other ore types.

Yuri Fedorov has been working on the problem of pre-dressing and managing ore grades for the last 30 years. As a design manager and later as the director of LLC Rados (Krasnoyarsk), he took part in creating and commercial introduction of the XRS technology and equipment. Yuri Fedorov actively works on developing the XRS technology in Russia and abroad (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, South Africa, India, Mongolia, Chile etc.).

The XRS technology has proved its efficiency on many plants and facilities (over 40) in the last 20 years. Eldorado and Tokursky mines (gold-bearing ores), Gaysky and Uchalinsky processing plants, Shemur and Tarnyer mines in the Urals (copper ore), Priargunsky Industrial Mining and Chemical Union and Stepnogorsky Mining and Chemical Plant (uranium ores), Klyuchevskaya Ore Dressing Plant and Aksusky Ferroalloy Plant (metallurgical production slag) are best-known and representative among them.
Yuri Fedorov broadly promotes opportunities and applications of the XRS technology for solving mining and metallurgical plants issues. Yuri Fedorov participated in many international conferences, congresses and academic events.

Managing ore grade is reality




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