Vadim Minin

Head of Mines Ventilation Department, "Uralmekhanobr"

Vadim V. Minin, PhD in Technical Sciences., Corresponding Member of International Academy of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences.

For the past 37 years he has been finding practical solutions for the problems of aero-gas dynamics in underground and open cast mines. Under his leadership, new methods of ventilations of deadlock mines without pipes have been developed as well as methods of degassing lava fixings for 26 mining operations in Russia and CIS countries. The economic value of each of the projects amounts to an average of 1 to 2 billion roubles.

Vladimir Minin is the author of 15 monographs on methods for calculating the air flow rate, 122 patents, and 4 guidelines for ventilation of difficult to ventilate areas for mining companies, "Alrosa", "Uralkali", "Knauf", "Belaruskali", "EuroChem", "UMMC-Holding" "Silvinit", etc.

The experience of "Uralmekhanobr" in minimising the risk of accidents in the design and operation of mines




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