Elena Nikitenko

Chief of Sample Preparation, Matrosov Mine, Polyus Gold Company

Nikitenko Elena Mihajlovna was born 9/7/1954 in settlement Neksikan of the Magadan area. In 1972 in a Susuman has finished Berelehskaya high school 3. During 1972-1977 studied at Novosibirsk state university at геолого-geophysical faculty, has received the diploma of specialities the engineer-geologist-geochemist. With 1978 on 2000 worked in a Magadan in the All-Union scientific research institute of gold and rare metals (VNII-1), has taken place a way from the younger scientific employee of laboratory drilling and blasting up to managing laboratory of complex processing of technogenic raw material, has finished correspondence postgraduate study and has protected the master's thesis on technical disciplines " Physical processes mountain production". During 2001-2004 worked as the technologist on manufacture emulsion explosives at a factory in Open Society " Kolymavzryvprom ". Since October, 2004 I work in Joint-Stock Company " Pole " of Open Society " Mine of name Matrosova " ("RiM") as the geologist of 1 category in a geological department, the chief of sample preparation. In "RiM" has offered and has introduced a way of sample preparation with preliminary gravitational concentration gold. Now I work as the chief of a department of approbation and sample preparation, I provide quality and a methodical manual of sample preparation, I carry out geological quality assurance of fire assay.

Improving the efficiency and quality of the exploration of objects with low-grade gold on the example of the Natalka deposit

For calculation of stocks and estimations of economic efficiency gold objects at prospecting works serve as a basis the given definitions of con-tents of gold in prospecting sample. Therefore, delimitation depends on quality and reliability of results of the analysis of sample mineralization and geometrization of bowels at calculation of stocks of gold. Definition of contours industrial mineralization according to approbation is the most actual for the objects which are not having precise geological borders. Improvement of quality and reliability of definition of contents of gold in sample probably due to new methods. One of them is preparation of sample to fire assay with preliminary gravitational concentration gold.The way is realized on Natalka deposit, which is characterized by low contents of gold.




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