Dmitriy Budaev

Project manager, Thermo Techno LLC

Graduated from Novosibirsk state university as geologist-geochemist. Ph.D in geochemistry. Professional activity is concerned with geochemical assaying and testing of metallurgical samples. Managed labs in ALROSA and SGS companies. Now is managing projects of implementation of automated systems of analytical control for non-ferrous processing plants. Published more than 40 papers.

Automated analytical control systems for non-ferrous processing plants

Sampling and assaying size involve hundred thousand samples annually for many modern plants. Sample prep and assays of many samples need automated systems of analytical control (ASAC). Ideally, full ASAC covers all stages of sampling and assaying, like sampling, homogenization, splitting, sample transfer, sample preparation, multi-element spectral assay, analytical data transfer to plant MES system through LIMS. ASAC may be implemented for traditionally plant “bottle-necks” solutions like metal balance calculation, QA/QC of processing, QA/QC of plant products. Automated fire assay may be profitable for gold plants with high assays numbers. The main point is to delete cupellation stage from assay, decreasing assay time, operation and capital expanses, staff size; and replace traditional assays like gravimetric and AA by OES assay of led buttons.




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