Andrey Tverdov

Head of Mining Development, Ph.D. (Technical science), IMC Montan, LLC

Andrey Tverdov is a senior mining engineer in the international mining consultancy IMC Montan, a PhD . He graduated in 2002 from Moscow state mining university with honours , in 2012 he finished presidential programme on Management of Innovations in corporations, Andrey is the GKZ expert , certified mining safety expert, one of the leading industry analysts, the author of over 40 scientific articles and publications. As part of international teams he has participated in over 100 mining projects on resources/reserves evaluations, MERs, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies.

Rationale for State Investment into Development of Mineral Resources Sector

The report deals with importance and necessity of the state support for projects of mineral deposit mining. The current trend is that explored and promising deposits are not infrequently located in out-of-the way areas, therefore in many instances the economic efficiency of a mining project for a subsoil user on his own reduces to zero, whereas synergy of mining projects in Russia may reach effects 20 times as much as effect of a subsoil user on his own. In these circumstances an assessment system is required that will ensure understanding by the state of the total effect of deposit mining and the state will be able to fully participate in deposit development. This approach in periods of reduced foreign investments will ensure the sector development and GDP increase. This is of special importance in conditions of a lasting crisis.




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