Alexei Shalashinski

International Sales Coordinator, DMT GmbH & Co. KG

Alexey Shalashinski is a mining engineer graduated from Tallinn University of Technology, and is holding MBA title from Tartu University in Estonia. He has been involved in various projects in mining industry during last 15 years in Russia and CIS countries as well as in Australia, Canada, India, South Africa and several other countries. In DMT Alexey is in charge of business development for mining engineering branch and sales coordination of all mining consulting offices of the group.

Taking control of the nature. Continuous efficiency in geotechnical management

Strata stability in underground workings plays a vital part in the productivity and therefore profitability of the mine. Disturbances, such as increased convergence, floor heaving or rooffalls can cause long still times, loss of equipment or even personnel injuries. Effective system of strata control and management developed by DMT has proven over decades that risks underground can be foretasted and prevented, saving millions of dollars in each mine every year.




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