Stanislav Korchagin

Chief Geologist, Sibgeoconsulting JSC

Born on July 7th, 1959 in Ivanovo Region
In 1981 graduated form Tomsk State University
Qualification: Geological Engineer
1981-2006 Martayginskaya exploration expedition. Geologist.
2001-2006 Registration Examination Unit. Chief geologist
2006-2008 Vasilyevskiy mine. Chief geologist
From 2009 - Chief geologist of Sibgeoconsulting JSC
More than thirty years of work in surveying and exporation works, making and implementing designs. Extensive experience in fields development. Participation in auditing within Hatch (2008), making reports with estimation of reserves in Udereyskoye gold-antimony field (2011) and Pestchanka copper-porphyrite field (2011) and etc. Member of OERN, discoverer of Pestchanka copper-porphyrite field.