Natalia Nikitina

Head of Mining Licencing Dept., LLC INTERGEO MANAGING COMPANY

PhD in geological-mineralogical sciences

Dr. Sc in economics of nature management

She is an author of 50 publications in leading scientific journals on geology and economics of mineral resources and 2 monographs about the legal and economical problems of subsoil use and licensing.

In 1981 graduated from Moscow exploration Institute (honours).

Prior to joining LLC Intergeo she has worked as exploration geologist in East Transbaikalia region (1981-1997), as senior license engineer at Committee of Natural Resources of Chita region (1997-2001), as chief scientific officer of All-Russian Research Institute for Economics of Mineral Resources and Subsoil use (2001-2009).


Grounds and algorithms of making changes and amendments to the license. Practical experience of subsoil users.