Mikhail Leskov

Project Manager,, Interminerals Management

Mikhail Leskov, mineral processing engineer, has more than 30 years of managerial, operational, consulting and engineering experience in exploration and mining of various mineral commodities, first of all precious and non-ferrous metals, diamonds and gem stones. Educated at Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys as Graduate Mineral Process Engineer, with specialty in Process Plant Design.
After completing his studies, Mr. Leskov had an uninterrupted permanent professional experience working in different companies such as VNIPIgortsvetmet (later renamed as Ginalmazzoloto) where he had worked for more than 10 years, NBLgold (Rus) JSC, a company that he founded and led for about 20 years (including 8 years as CEO in NBL Interantional (UK) Ltd.) and then in various companies, from Artel AMUR (Project Manager) to ARMZ Uranium Holding (Advisor to the General Director).

Mr. Leskov is mainly focusing on the project management in exploration and mining projects for various mineral commodities, has very well-developed contacts with colleagues in Russia, ex-USSR republics and in many other countries and also has extensive experience working with international companies for projects worldwide.
Mr. Leskov is the author of multiple articles in local and international professional magazines (Mining Journal, International Mining, Alchemist) and regularly presents at different conferences, since 2005 he is a regular speaker at MINEX events.