Mike Hallewell

Business Development Manager, SGS Minerals Services

Michael Hallewell is currently the Business Development Manager Europe for SGS Minerals Services. He has worked with SGS for the past 11 years in various roles including Operations Manager of SGS Minerals Services UK Ltd and General Manager of SGS Lakefield Research Cornwall.
Michael has 31 years of experience in the mining industry, including 9 years at Wheal Jane Mine and 5 years at South Crofty Mine before taking the role as Managing Director of Holman – Wilfley Ltd which he held for 6 years.
Michael’s expertise lies in the area of Gravity Separation and he is a Plant Operational Management Expert. He has extensive international experience auditing and optimising metallurgical plants in Canada (PDE), Chile (Cu, Au, I, ), Greenland (Au), Great Britain (Sn), Ireland (Zn-Pb), Macedonia (Zn-Pb), Mozambique (Ta, Mb), South Africa (U), Spain (Sn, Zn), Sweden (Fe), Thailand (Sn), Zambia (Ni).
Michael holds a B.Sc Honours Minerals Engineering II from The University of Birmingham. He also holds the title of Chartered Engineer and is a Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.


Process Plant Technical Risk Mitigation & Capex/Opex Cost Optimization

It is a well known fact that financing projects is becoming more challenging and investors are being increasinlgly more vigilent in the management of risk in all new projects.
CEO's of Mining Companies and Lead Engineering Groups are having to spend alot more time focusing on getting capital and operating cost estimates more accurately defined in order to win investor confidence.
This short presentation highlights some of the key areas where technical risk can be mitigated in the designing of infrastructure (capex) for process plants whilst at the same time providing much better defination on the operating cost profile as a function of mine sequence.