John Elkington

General Manager - UK, Snowden Mining Industry Consultants

John has a broad experience in the mining industry from owning and operating analytical and metallurgical laboratories, managing director of a listed mining company, has brought four mines into production from initial construction, operations and mine manager. He has consulted on a wide range of mining projects and metal types in many of the world’s mineral provinces.

His specialist area of expertise is cashflow modeling, risk and financial analysis.

In addition he has managed all levels of feasibility studies, contributed to independent peer reviews and mining project financial optimisations through a multi-disciplinary approach.


​Funding Russia’s mining in current economic conditions

The evaluation of a mining project and comparing it to other opportunities is usually done by comparing NPV and IRR. There are important financial metrics that should be used to fully evaluate how a mining project compares to another project that is not always identified by NPV and IRR.