Jean-Louis Vangeluwe

Vice-President, Global Business Development, Solmax

Jean-Louis Vangeluwe is a graduate of the Grande École de Commerce de Nice-Sophia-Antipolis and has an MBA from the École des Hautes Etudes Commerciales in Montréal. Mr. Vangeluwe has been involved with the Solmax Group since 1997, particularly in the development of the international sales network in Europe, South America, the Middle-East, Africa and Russia. He has held the position of General Manager of Solmax from 2008-2012. Since 2013, as Vice president of Global Business Development, he is focusing on strengthening the company’s profitability and growth.


Commercial Highlights on the Geomembrane Industry.

Solmax is a world leader in the manufacturing of PE geomembrane for the waste, water management and mining sector. We have been active in Russia, through Gidrokor our official local representative, for over 10 years.
This presentation is for informational purposes and addresses mining applications (such as tailings ponds and/or heap leach pads), waste containment and water management. It is intended for individuals requiring the basic information and parameters needed to make wise purchasing decisions for their future projects.
During this short presentation, Solmax will explain:
- The main parameters that make a geomembrane manufacturer cost effective (to be a lowest cost producer there is no need to compromise on quality)
- The main certifications to request to make sure the purchased product meets established international industry standards
- The specific ways to enhance the quality of your work without adding extra cost