Ivan Ivanov

Academic Secretary of Expert Council on innovations at the President of OJSC "ALROSA", AK "ALROSA" OJSC

Ivan Aleksandrovich Ivanov,
PhD, Sciences
Education: Moscow State Mining University (diplomas with honours — Bachelor of Sciences, Master of Sciences "Organizational Management in Mining", Mine manager; diploma with honours "Mine Construction and Underground Development", Mining Engineer) Before joining AK ALROSA (OAO) Ivan had work experience in construction of underground structures and underground mineral mining. He was a project manager of over 30 projects related to resource and reserve valuation, optimization of mining and production processes at surface and undergound mines. Ivan participated in preparation of over 40 R&D Studies for major industrial organizations and companies, including development of a Feasibilty Study for Fuel and Energy Sector and a Feasibility Study Template for mine design.

PhD, Sciences.

Ivan is the author of over 20 research and practical articles in the area of mining and underground development published by leading publishing houses and of a monograph.

Master Class IMC Montan

Development and Access to Capital Markets with a View of Attracting Investments