Prof. Iakov Shneerson

Director, Gidrometallurgiya Research and Development Centre

Director, Gidrometallurgiya Research and Development Centre, Professor (1992), Doctor of Technical Sciences (1988).
Professor Iakov Shneerson graduated from Leningrad Mining Institute in 1959.
From 1960 to 2008 he worked for Gipronickel Institute, in 1976 he was appointed as the Head of the Hydrometallurgy Laboratory. During this time he focused on the study of patterns and development of autoclave technologies of heavy non-ferrous and precious metals.
He was actively involved in the development and implementation of autoclave processes in nickel-cobalt industry in Soviet Union. Prof. Shneerson was a member of writing team which created the technology of pressure leaching of nickel-pyrrhotite concentrates, which has been in use at MMC Norilsk Nickel since 1979.
In 2008 prof. Shneerson founded a new research department - Gidrometallurgiya Research and Development Centre. From 2008 up to the present day the centre has been developing and testing in semi-industrial scale the extraction of rebellious gold ore on the high-temperature pressure leaching concentrates basis for two promising fields of "Petropavlovsk" - "Pioneer" and "Malomyr" as well as for other deposits in Russia.
Prof. Iakov Shneerson has published more than 350 scientific papers and is accredited with more than 70 inventions and patents in Russia. Co-author of 9 books and survey information, including 3 volumes of monographs "Nickel" and 3 volumes of "Autoclave hydrometallurgy of non-ferrous metals".