Dr Geoffrey Cowley

Chairman, EDC Holdings

Former CEO of major corporations in Africa, Russia, UK and the
Middle East, including senior executive positions in Anglo American
Corporation (RSA), De Beers (RSA), British Energy (UK), British Rail
(UK), Murray and Roberts (Dubai), the Press Corporation(Malawi). Advised
several governments on economic growth and expansion (Oman, Malawi,
South Africa and Romania), closely involved in the privatisation of
British Rail and British Energy. Senior Advisor on Africa to the World
Economic Forum (Davos) for several years. Former CEO of SMR, the Mining
Division of a Russian investment group, Basic Element, developing a base
metals mining group with activities in Mo, Cu, Fe, Au and W, The company
was readied for IPO in Hong Kong, but due to the credit crisis in 2008
was postponed This was followed by a short interim period as CEO of
Kinross's Bema Gold (Kupol) before taking up an appointments as Chairman
of White Tiger Gold Management (Russia), Chairman of Maple Minerals
Corpn (Pb/Zn Mine in Canada) and COO of White Tiger Gold Ltd, (TSX) with
mining assets in Russia, Canada, and Peru; having been the CEO of White
Tiger Gold prior to its merger with Century Mining in Canada.
NXD of Lydian International (TSX: LYD) also NXD of Blackmont Gold Ltd (
assets in Mali/Guinea), NXD of Blackmont Energy Ltd (Shale Oil in
Albania, Moldova). Chmn of EDC Holdings Ltd (Corporate Advisors and Risk
Management specialists to Natural Resources Sector)


Assessing and Managing Risk in the current volatile markets.