David Cox

Senior Sales Executive, SNL Metals Economics Group


David, as corporate representative, has held Metals Economics Group’s Vice President of Sales position since 1999. He was a Senior Research Analyst and Director and Editor of MEG’s Corporate Exploration Strategies study from 1990 to 1999. MEG has been providing comprehensive mining industry information and analysis for 30 years. He was an editor and comptroller at a publishing company prior to joining MEG. Mr. Cox has presented keynote speeches and talks at the UNCTAD Commodities Forum, Mining Indaba, Canadian Mines Ministers Conference, CESCO Santiago, China Mining, MINEX Moscow, PDAC, and at LBMA Conferences.


World and Russian Exploration Trends.

David Cox, will provide an overview of recent trends in worldwide exploration and focus on recent financing and exploration activity for Russia.
The presentation will discuss the factors driving exploration spending, such as metals prices, available risk capital, reserve replacement efforts, discoveries, and changing exploration costs. He will note how mining laws, investment incentives, and the availability of geological survey information can affect exploration activity.
His presentation will also highlight spending patterns and equity raised by junior and intermediate companies for exploration, which is so important for early-stage exploration.