Craig Morley

Global Director of Growth and Strategy, Snowden

As an Executive Consultant Craig works globally as a thought leader in Reconciliation running workshops and providing Universal Reconciliation services to clients internationally. His consulting experience spans the globe with projects throughout Africa, Asia, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia. He has also authored or co-authored a number of papers on the subject of Reconciliation and spoken at numerous conferences on topics relating to Reconciliation and Mineral Asset Studies. Craig is also a leader in Snowden’s Corporate Advisory team assisting clients with services associated with mineral asset valuation and as an independent expert during asset acquisitions, mergers, financing and capital raising. As part of Snowden's senior executive team Craig is responsible for leading the company’s growth and strategy initiatives globally. This includes not only regional expansion into countries such as China and Russia, but also the identification and commercialisation of IP and Services into Solutions for Clients.


Finding value through Universal Reconciliation

Universal Reconciliation (UR) is a multi-disciplinary approach across the entire mining value chain to identify loss of value at reconciliation points and then to address those losses with the aim to maximise the operational performance. Further, UR also provides a basis for establishing processes that consistently test and monitor the nature of each and every component along the value chain so that issues or improvement requirements can be diagnosed and actioned.

UR applies a comprehensive, systematic and proven methodology to identify the good and bad practices along the mining value change, analyse the differences between the planned and actual performance and then provide recommendations to improve the overall operational performance.