Arkady Senchenko

Managing Director, NIiPI "TOMS"

Arkady Senchenko holds a degree in Minerals processing. In 1995 he graduated from Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, in 2008 – from the Irkutsk State Technical University, specialising in non-ferrous metallurgy. Currently he is preparing the PhD thesis.
1995 - 1999 – Minerals Processing Engineer, Severnaya Korona Ltd.
1999 - 2007 – Senior Research Fellow and Chief Technologist, LLC “Scientific Engineering Laboratory “Technologies of mineral processing” (SEL “TOMS”).
2007 - 2010 – Director of the Research and Technology Center, Scientific Research and Design Institute “TOMS”.
From 2010 to present – Managing Director of NIiPI "TOMS".
During his career Arkady Senchenko was actively involved in development of technologies, regulations, project planning and putting into operation different ore-processing plants (gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead etc.)
Arkady Senchenko published 57 scientific papers; he has 5 patents for inventions in the field of mineral processing and metallurgy.


Theme: Implementation of innovative technologies and methods for ore processing.

Современные технологии измельчения руд и концентратов (полусамоизмельчение-SAG, роллер-пресс – HPGR, тонкое и ультратонкое измельчение)
Обогащение (центробежное обогащение, флотация, электрохимия, современные реагенты)
Металлургия (кучное выщелачивание, агитационное выщелачивание, атмосферное окисление)
Аудит и оптимизация работы действующих предприятий.