Adrian Kennedy

Business Development Director, Visagio Ltd.

Adrian Kennedy is a seasoned global management consultant having over 20 years experience in over forty countries. During his career he has seen the successful completion of over 100 projects in a variety of industries and currently is spearheading Visagio's growth in the natural resource sector, with special emphasis on Russia and the CIS countries. He holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and a Diploma in Business Studies.


Benchmarking your Project Portfolio Execution against Top PMO Practices.

A recent survey at the MINEX Russian Mining Club revealed that less than 30% of projects are completed on time and on budget and only 16% exceed expectations.

While operating costs have surged and volatility continues, mining companies are embarking on numerous initiatives to tackle resources in tougher regions. How many of those will be completed on time, on budget and produce the expected results?

A strong PMO Practice helps managing stakeholders' expectations, account for unforeseen events, prioritize your portfolio, and increase the robustness of project execution.

The presentation will explore the PMO practices used in top mining companies and will give you the opportunity to benchmark yourself against those practices that include tools, methodologies, KPIs, planning, execution, and control. Case studies will be used to illustrate key practices.