CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition


CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition

CHINA MINING Conference plays more important role in the global mining sector.

With about three months to go, the 15th annual event of CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition will unveil to the global mining sector under the uncertain economy situation throughout the world.

Obviously, China draws a lot of focus from international mining communities as one of the largest mining investors and the biggest consumer in mining and energy sector worldwide. According to CHINA MINING Organizing Committee, there are more than twenty country government booths booked in CHINA MINING 2013, and also nearly ten country sessions arranged in the convention out of the fifty sessions. Many countries are continuously attending CHINA MINING, like Canada, Australia, Greenland, Peru, Argentina, etc; some new country governments join as well including Chile, Kenya and New Zealand.

In CHINA MINING trade show, more than 80% booths are taken already, and there will be enlarged in the Equipment area as well, featuring more than 20,000sqm. To provide more match making services, Organizing Committee collects Exhibitors’ information like project summaries, mineral identifications to provide more detailed information for Investors and potential partners.

Like every year, CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition has large-scale convention with about 50 sessions, following the streams of Policies & Financing, Prospecting, Exploration & Mining, Commodities, Country Investment and Mining Sustainability. All these sessions allow the maximum opportunities for the interactive communications.

Some special sessions will be arranged in CHINA MINING 2013. Junior Mining & Exploration Investment Forum will be arranged for the first time, which allows the junior mining and exploration companies presenting on the project investment information. Likewise, CHINA MINING organizing committee will allow a special discount with different packages presenting in the session.

China Outbound Investment Forum (2nd Exploration Exchange China) will be supported by China Ministry of Commerce. In this session, there will be summary and analysis report about Chinese companies investing abroad since 2009. The report will give the general information about Chinese companies of investing abroad and also some references of the company current situations and strategies.

China Green Mines Conference, which is the second launch in CHINA MINING will bring a lot of business opportunities for foreign mining, consulting, technology and equipment companies. According to China Government policies, by year 2020, most of the mine sites should be green mines. Moreover, Chinese government has formed strict evaluation categories for the certificate of Green Mines. As China has more than 100,000 mines, this is another attractive business opportunity for international mining community.

Even though China cannot rescue the global economy and also it slows down the expectation of the increasing rate of GDP, China is still the most active market worldwide, which allows quantity of business opportunities under the uncertain situations. CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition also plays more important role in the global mining sector.

About CHINA MINING Conference and Exhibition
Hosted by China Ministry of Land Resources, CHINA MINING 2013 will be held in Meijiang Convention Center in Tianjin on November 2-5. As one of the world’s largest mineral investment, cooperation and trading platforms, CHINA MINING covers the whole value chain, including geological surveying, exploration development, mining rights and mineral trading, mining investment & financing, smelting & processing, technique & equipment, mining services and many more. Last year, CHINA MINING 2012 featured more than 6000 delegates, 430 exhibitors from 60 countries, and 22 foreign mining ministers attended as well. For more information, please refer to