How Can Your Affiliate Marketers Benefit From Our Logos

Our logos and accreditations you can find on the special Resources page currently available on our site are designed to cater to the needs of responsible, environmental-friendly business people who care about the type of signals their advertising materials are sending out to their customers. We have created a vast collection of descriptive logos that express your recycling beliefs and care for the type of printing paper you are using. If you wish to impress your customers on your next marketing campaign, we encourage you to communicate your customized logo or accreditation requests to the K.W.Doggett Fine Paper team and we will be more than happy to help you.


Why Should Affiliate Marketers Use Our Logos?

First of all, if you are seriously thinking of joining the best betting affiliate program at or you are already part of the worldwide reputable Ladbrokes team, kudos for you. We have personally tested some of their sports betting and casino products and we were very pleased with them. They have more than 125 years of experience – more than 16,000 employees on a global level and their annual group revenue constantly goes over one billion Pounds. Starting a partnership with the

se fellows is prone to be a win-win scenario. If you are seriously thinking about promoting their sports betting or casino gambling verticals using your printing campaign ideas, look at their list of logos. Choose the Certified Carbon Neutral or the Manufactured with Windpower logo – guaranteeing the paper has been manufactured with the help of electricity that was 100% generated by the wind or with the minimum of greenhouse gas emissions and you will create an extra sense of respect and appreciation on behalf of the end-receivers. The affiliate marketing support the Ladbrokes team will provide you with – including support in multiple languages, marketing tools and custom-made reports- will help you become one of the most competitive affiliate marketers out there. And by using our top quality paper and logo solutions, you will get just the twist you need ahead of competitors.